Our Approach

DFT is unique in that we have no sales people, no marketing either (that’s why our web site is so lame). DFT’s staff are 100% support focused. Our goal is to keep you running, so you can make money. Apart from normal helpdesk type support, we do work with you to make sure yours systems are secure and reliable.

Our Story

Started back in 1992, DFT was providing MSP and Cloud type services before the names existed. DFT took large business IT systems and make them work both functionally and cost wise for small business.

Help First

When you call DFT for support, our goal is to get you back working as fast as possible. We are not going to waste time telling you to go open a ticket, and put in a lot of useless info. Once we know you, just call and ask your question. We’ll worry about the paper work later.

Next Steps…

Need help, give us a call and lets see if there is a match.